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Friday, April 22, 2011

Can you Extreme Coupon in Vermont / New Hampshire / New England?

I have been seeing this question alot lately, and seeing it pop up in my blog reports as one of the popular searches over and over again.  I'm here to tell you YES, you can Extreme Coupon in Vermont / New Hampshire / New England, it is possible, for sure!  Here's a reply I just did to a question over at :

Q - My question is "can you make money off items to pay for other items in your cart?

Example: Say I buy a travel size suave deodorant for .50 and use a 1.00 mc that doesn't state size, can that .50 go towards other groceries at PC? I thought I saw in their policy that a coupon could not exceed the price of item. Makes it hard to be an extreme couponer!!!

A - No, the Price Chopper coupon policy states that they will not give any overage with coupons. BUT that does not mean that you can't get lots of freebies or cheapies! The term "Extreme Couponer" is getting to be a little skewed lately. Do I have trips at PC like on the TV show? No. Do I WANT to have trips like the TV show? No. Do I save anywhere from 50% to 90% on my weekly food/necessities bill on a regular basis? Yes.

Even without overage, you can do extremely well saving money on things other than meat, produce, etc, and the savings on everything else offsets the cost of the fresh items. Take a look here every week for the coupon matchups and GDA for PC and just plan your trips to stock up on the freebies and cheapies you will use so you don't have to ever worry about paying full price when you need it. The other wonderful posters have great tips too, using the Catalina deals, stacking store and mani q's, and working the deals, you can get the occsional "Money Maker" at PC. There are many threads on the Catalina deals, and examples of trips, in the PC forum if you want to see how it works.

To be totally honest, I don't even go to Walmart anymore, I get MUCH better deals at my grocers (I have two that double up to $1 every day), and at the drugstores. It took me a while to figure out what stores had the best deals on what products, and I still do sale flyer comparisons every week, but I still find I save much, much more at other stores even with the overage that Walmart offers.

I see new couponers posting ALL the time about the trips they saw "on the show" and if they can attain that here in New England.  Sure you can, but me personally, I have no need for 1000 boxes of cereal or 500 deodorants.  LOL  But as I said in my reply above, I do save 50% to 90% every... single... week...  It has taken time to get to this point, and I have had to alter my way of trip planning and the way I shop a bit, but it has been soooooo worth it!  For example, I spend $35 last week on our groceries for a family of 3 plus a cat and dog, walked out of the store with 5 FULL bags (the reusable PC bags even) of food... for $35.  Some weeks I spend more, some weeks I spend less, but I always stand in line watching other shoppers get HALF of what I get and pay hundreds upon hundreds of dollars for it.  I remember all too well spending $400 to $800 a month on food and necessities, so glad that is now a third to a half of that monthly bill.  :)

I will be posting more info about Extreme Couponing in New England, I promise!  LOL  It's been a crazy week for me this week, so I didn't get nearly as much done here as I wanted to.  Chasing my 2 yo, building a new website for my employer, working remotely for them answering phones, doing all my store coupon matchups, and processing my coupon sales has kept me hopping this week!  I'm hoping to get my shopping done today so I can spend some time tomorrow posting some more info for couponing in general, and specific to each of the stores I cover.  Thank you for reading and Happy Couponing!  :)

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