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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hannaford Ad Link and Coupon Matchup 5/1/11 to 5/7/11 is up!

Pretty quiet week at Hannaford this week, but still worth the look to see if you might need to pick something up.  :)  Click over to the Hannaford blog to take a look:

Hannaford Deals & Coupon Matchup 5/1 to 5/7

Grand Union Deals and Coupon Matchup 5/1/11 to 5/7/11 is up!

Head on over to the Grand Union blog to take a look at the deals and matchups for this week:

Grand Union Deals and Coupon Matchup 5/1/11 to 5/7/11

Happy Shopping!  :)

Price Chopper GDA (Good Deal Alert) 5/1/11 to 5/7/11 is up!

For those of you that have never seen one of my (infamous) GDA posts yet, basically it's a list of all the best deals from the coupon matchups, if your store doubles or doubles dollars, with final price listed and any promos the item is included in.  It really helps to see what items are stockpile priced or free when you are making your shopping list!  :)

Click on over here to see the freebies and cheapies this week:

Price Chopper GDA (Good Deal Alert) 5/1/11 to 5/7/11

Happy Shopping!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Price Chopper Deals and Coupon Matchup 5/1/11 to 5/7/11 is up!

The deals and matchups for Price Chopper that start Sunday 5/1/11 are posted over here:

VTCouponer - Price Chopper NE

Go take a look and start your shopping plan early for nest week!  Happy Couponing!  :)

Couponing FAQ Part 1 - Avoiding the 5 top "Newbie" Couponing Pitfalls

It was March of 2010 when I first saw MrCoupon (Nathan) from on a Nightline special talking about this "Extreme Couponing" business.  I watched that segment 5 or 6 times trying to catch the website address spelled out in Jell-O boxes in the driveway.  LOL  Once I finally had it, I was off!  I lurked and read at for a month before I finally jumped in and joined the site (it's FREE, by the way... my favorite price!  hehe), there was soooo much information there, I was like a kid in a candy store, reading and absorbing all that I could.  The wealth of information that folks share out of the kindness of their hearts is simply astounding.  So here I am a little over a year later, saving tons of money (LOL) and now sharing the information I have learned for couponing in Vermont and New England both as a Forum Leader at, and my own Blog, VTCouponer.

In my couponing travels, I not only fell into many of the Newbie Couponing Pitfalls myself, I read about them all the time on the forums.  Here are all the things I have experienced / read about that are very common among new couponers and how to avoid them:

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Price Chopper Ad Scan 5/1 to 5/7 will be up tonight!

Just waiting for my ad to get here and the ad scan for next week will be posted a little later this evening and I'll get the matchup done tomorrow!  Here's hoping for a good week at PC!  :)

ETA: Scan is up!  Click over to this blog to take a look!

VTCouponer - Price Chopper NE


Shaws Ad Scan and Coupon Matchups done for 4/29/11 to 5/5/11!

Head on over to my Shaws Blog and take a look at this week's ad and coupon matchup:

VTCouponer - Shaws

Please note that this matchup DOES NOT have the coupons from this coming Sunday's inserts listed yet.  I will try to add them in once they are posted.  Happy Shopping!  :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New VTCouponer - Walmart Blog Added!

Just what the title says, I added a Walmart blog to my little VT Couponing empire on the web!  LOL  Be sure to buzz over and take a look, I have a great deals list posted for items you can get at Walmart for under (or just over) $1.  Here's the link:

VTCouponer - Walmart

There are some great freebies and cheapies to be had at Walmart, not to mention they are one of the only stores I know of that give overage!

More will be coming to the page, but I wanted to get the deals up first!  Happy Shopping!  :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Price Chopper 102 - Couponing at Price Chopper has been added!

Posted the Price Chopper 102 - breakdown of the Price Chopper coupon policy today.  Follow this link to take a look:

Price Chopper 102 - Couponing at Price Chopper

Helpful info and things to look out for when Extreme Couponing at PC.  :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Grand Union Deals and Coupon Matchup 4/24/11 to 4/30/11 is up!!

Phew!  Finally finished the Grand Union matchups!  I can't tell you how many times I got interrupted while doing these!  LOL  Click below to go to the VTCouponer - Grand Union blog and check out the deals:

VTCouponer - Grand Union

Happy Shopping!  :)

Market Basket Coupon Matchup 4/25/11 to 4/30/11 is up!!

Market Basket was closed for the holiday yesterday, so here are the matchups for the week of 4/25/11 to 4/30/11, click on the link below to go to my Market Basket blog and see the deals and steals:

Market Basket Coupon Matchup 4/25/11 to 4/30/11 

Happy Shopping!  :)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Be Sure to Check Out the New "Couponing Classes" Pages

I finally got all the Couponing Info and Classes done and posted!  Be sure to check them all out, tons of great info in there!

Extreme Couponing 101 - The Basics 

Extreme Couponing 102 - Getting Extreme

Extreme Couponing 103 - More Details 

Extreme Couponing 104 - Stockpiling 

Also added the "Coupon Lingo" page here:

The Lingo - Coupon Slang, Acronyms and Abbreviations 

Hope it helps in learning this whole couponing "thang".  LOL 

Hannaford Deals & Coupon Matchup 4/24/11 to 4/30/11 are up!

The coupon matchup is complete for the Hannaford flyer this week, take a look over here:

VTCouponer - Hannaford


Shaws Ad Scan and GDA (Good Deal Alert) 4/22/11 to 4/28/11 are up!

Take a look over here:

VTCouponer - Shaws

for the ad scan and best deals for this week.  Sorry it's a day late, I wasn't home all day yesterday and had to work Thu.  Happy Shopping!

Price Chopper NE Ad Scan and Coupon Matchup 4/24 to 4/30 is up!

Just finished the coupon matchups for next week and posted the ad scan preview.  Take a look over here for the whole scoop:

VTCouponer-Price Chopper NE

I thought it was going to be a dead week at The Chop, but after doing the matchup there are some pretty great deals this week after all!  :)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Can you Extreme Coupon in Vermont / New Hampshire / New England?

I have been seeing this question alot lately, and seeing it pop up in my blog reports as one of the popular searches over and over again.  I'm here to tell you YES, you can Extreme Coupon in Vermont / New Hampshire / New England, it is possible, for sure!  Here's a reply I just did to a question over at :

Q - My question is "can you make money off items to pay for other items in your cart?

Example: Say I buy a travel size suave deodorant for .50 and use a 1.00 mc that doesn't state size, can that .50 go towards other groceries at PC? I thought I saw in their policy that a coupon could not exceed the price of item. Makes it hard to be an extreme couponer!!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Price Chopper OYNO Catalinas are up!

Take a look over here:

For the latest set of OYNO (On Your Next Order) Catalina coupons that run from 4/17/11 to 5/14/11.  Gotta love getting money back when you buy stuff... even better when you can use coupons and get it cheap or free to begin with!  :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Market Basket NE Coupon Matchups for 4/17/11 to 4/23/11 are up!

Go take a look at this coming week's coupon matchups for Market Basket over at the VTCouponer - Market Basket NE Blog over here:

Lots of matchups and good deals in this flyer!  Happy Shopping!

Hannaford Coupon Matchups for 4/17/11 to 4/23/11 are up!

Just finished the Hannaford matchups for next week!  Take a look over here at the new VTCouponer - Hannford Blog to get all the deals and steals for this coming week:

Happy Couponing!  :)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Shaws GDA (Good Deal Alert) for 4/15 to 4/21 is up!

Quiet week at Shaws this week.  There are a few good deals to be had though!  :)  Head on over to the new VTCouponer - Shaws page and check out what to get super cheap this week:

Happy Shopping!

Price Chopper NE Deals and Coupon Matchup 4/17/11 to 4/23/11 is up!!

Got the matchup done today, looks like a good week over all, but not as many freebies as we've had the last few weeks.  BUT... Once again Price Chopper pulls through with a good Catalina deal.  The Unilever Mens "Buy $15 get $5 off your next order" Catalina could make for some really good scenarios!  Some potential for some really good deals with the BOGOs / % Off and coupons, depending on the final sale price.

On to the deals!  They are over at the new VTCouponer - Price Chopper NE blog right here:

Go take a look, make your list, get your coupons together, and Happy Couponing!  :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Price Chopper NE Ad Scan 4/17/11 to 4/23/11 is up!

Check out the new Price Chopper NE Blog for this coming week's ad preview!  Over here:

VTCouponer - Price Chopper NE

Looks like another good week at The Chop!

The New Store Blogs Are Up!

Just finished setting up the individual store blogs this morning and put the links over there ---> to the right, under "My Other Sites".  I will be leaving the matchups for this week posted here, but starting next week they will only be at the store blog, not here.  Be sure to update your bookmarks!  :)

Here's the direct links to the pages:

VTCouponer - Price Chopper NE
VTCouponer - Hannaford
VTCouponer - Market Basket NE
VTCouponer - Grand Union
VTCouponer - Shaws
VTClipper - Coupon Clipping Service

I will be adding more weekly deals as well as individual store coupon policies, strategies, and helpful info for couponers in the North East. 

Please let me know if there is something you'd like to see here!  I love to hear from my readers!  Happy Couponing!  :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Under Construction

Well, it's a good thing I guess, but VTCouponer has grown too big for this one blog.  I find the need to post more information and I am out of space here.  So, due to this I have decided to do a complete overhaul of the site and break each store onto it's own site.  The switchover should be seamless, I won't be removing info from this site, I'll just be posting it elsewhere (with a link here, of course) and adding LOTS more couponing in New England info as well.  This blog, VTCouponer, will be the main Extreme Couponing in Vermont page with general couponing info, then each one of the stores, Price Chopper, Grand Union, Hannaford, Market Basket and Shaw's, will have it's own page with policies, info, details, deals and matchups for each store as well as daily (or as often as they are worth posting) deals and info.

Please bear with me as I make this transition, it should be relatively quick and painless, but make sure to update any bookmarks after the dust settles.  :)  Thank you and Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

VTClipper Clipping Service (My Coupons For Sale) Has Moved!

Yup, the page I had dedicated to my Clipping Service here at this blog just got too big for it's space, so VTClipper, Vermont Based (small) Clipping Service has moved to it's own digs over here:

I broke it down by month so it is a ton easier to browse, made the font larger for easier reading, and will be tweaking it as time goes on to make it as user friendly as possible!  I also placed a link to the site over there >> on the right.  :) 

Go take a look around and let me know if you need anything!

Price Chopper Facebook Coupons 4/10 to 4/16

Here are the newest PC Facebook coupons, click HERE to print them.

Monday, April 11, 2011

All Store Matchups COMPLETE for 4/10 to 4/16

All coupon matchups are complete for the week of 4/10 through 4/16 for the following stores:

Price Chopper is HERE

Hannaford is HERE

Grand Union is HERE

Market Basket is HERE

Shaws is HERE
(NOTE: Shaws sale runs from 4/8 to 4/14)

Happy Couponing!  :)

Grand Union Deals and Coupon Matchup 4/10/11 to 4/16/11

This is also posted HERE on the Grand Union Deals page.

Grand Union is still running it's 5 for $19.99 meat deal, and the Seven Days of savings promo also, the daily specials are as follows:

Sunday - Great Lakes American Cheese - $2.99 lb
Monday - Fresh Bananas - $.49 lb
Tuesday - New York Apples 3 lb - $1.99
Wednesday - Chicken Leg Quarters - $.69 lb
Thursday - Hot Rotisserie Chicken - $4.99
Friday - Best Yet Giant White Bread - 2/$3
Saturday - Delicious Chicken Wings - $4.99 lb

Now here's the deals and matchups for the week:

Thomas English Muffins, White, Whole Grain or Honey Wheat, 12 oz. Save up to $1.40 on 2 - BOGO Free

Domino Baking Sugars, Assorted, 2 Lb - $1.99
$0.75/2 Domino Sugar Product 3/27/2011 RP Insert (exp 5/31/2011)

Domino Granulated Sugar, 4-5 Lb. Save up to $1.00 - $2.99
$0.75/2 Domino Sugar Product 3/27/2011 RP Insert (exp 5/31/2011)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hannaford Deals & Coupon Matchup 4/10/11 to 4/16/11

Also posted HERE on the Hannaford Deals page.

Here's the matchups for Hannaford this week:

Seventh Generation organic dish detergent - $3.29
$1/1 Seventh Generation Product 1/23/2011 RP Insert (exp 4/23/2011)
$1/1 Seventh Generation Product

Seventh Generation laundry detergent - $7.99
$1/1 Seventh Generation Product 1/23/2011 RP Insert (exp 4/23/2011)
$1/1 Seventh Generation Product

Colgate 360 Degree toothbrush - $3.69
$1/1 Colgate 360 Surround Toothbrush All You Apr 2011 (exp 5/30/2011)
$1/1 Colgate Manual Toothbrush 3/27/2011 SS Insert (exp 4/16/2011)

Market Basket Deals and Coupon Matchup 4/10/11 to 4/16/11

This is also posted HERE at the Market Basket NE Deals page.

Sorry! I've been wanting to get this done for days, but it's been one thing right after another all week this week! Here's the matchup for Market Basket this week:

Ronzoni Garden Delight, Smart Taste or Healthy Harvest pasta - 5/$5
$1/2 Ronzoni Garden Delight
$1/2 Ronzoni Smart Taste
$1/2 Ronzoni Healthy Harvest

Bar S jumbo meat franks - $.99
$1/2 Bar-S Franks or Bologna 1/30/2011 RP Insert (exp 4/25/2011)

Claussen pickles - $2.29
$0.55/1 Claussen Pickles 4/3/2011 SS Insert (exp 5/29/2011)
$1/2 Claussen Pickles 4/3/2011 SS Insert (exp 5/29/2011)

My PC Trip 4/10 - $150 worth of groceries for $58

So much for skipping shopping this week! LOL After doing the GDA I just couldn't resist the freebies! I also finally picked up some PC reusable bags with their 5/$2 deal this week, awesome deal! Only $.40 a bag! I've been waiting for them to have a deal as my last reusable bags were getting pretty ragged. Plus I jsut love how much more you can carry in those bags over those silly plastic bags! hehe Ok, on to the deals I snagged! I got:

Kellogg's Fruit Loops - BO@ $3.79 GO Free
Kellogg's Frosted Flakes - BO@ $3.79 GO Free
used $1/2 X2 doubled
**$.90 per box AND got the FREE MILK Catalina at checkout

Dole bag salad - BO@ $3.99 GO Free
used $1.50/1 X2 coupons on package
**$.50 ea

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Just added Shaw's!

I just added Shaw's deals and matchups to the site also!  Click on the "Shaw's Deals" link right here:

Shaw's Deals

or over in the links on the side, to check out the great deals this week!  Happy Shopping!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Price Chopper Deals and Coupon Matchup 4/10/11 to 4/16/11 is up!

Just finished the matchup for this week, I was thinking it was going to be an off week at The Chop this week, not many deals, meh... BOY was I wrong!  LOL  Freebies and cheapies galore!  This weeks deals and matchups are right over here:

Price Chopper NE Deals

Scroll to the bottom part of the page to see the upcoming week.  Happy Shopping!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Price Chopper Ad Scan 4/10 to 4/16

Here's the ad scan for next week - Click Here
(scan posted by me at

Pet food and supplies on sale, more Bonus Coupons, quite a few BOGOs, and not one but TWO Catalina deals.  I thought it was going to be a quiet week... it might not be!

Price Chopper Deals to check out before the week ends!

There's the $10 MasterCard when you buy $30 of P&G products this week, the $5/10 Store Brands coupon, FREE box of PC cereal, a FREE milk Catalina, and it's the last week for the "Good Til Spring" deals.  Here's the scoop on the deals:

$10 MasterCard When You Buy $30 of P&G Products:

Get a $10 Mastercard When You Spend $30 on the P&G Items Below and in the P&G BrandSaver!  These promos are based on PSP (Pre-Sale Price), not on sale price, so you only need to buy $30 of P&G products when you add up the regular shelf price, NOT the sale prices.  The mail-in form prints from the Catalina machine at the end of your transaction.

Puffs facial tissues - 4/$5
$1/6 Puffs Products 4/3/2011 P&G Insert (exp 4/30/2011)

Herbal Essences or Aussie shampoo, conditioner or styling products - 2/$6
$1/2 Herbal Essences or Aussie Products 4/3/2011 P&G Insert (exp 4/30/2011)
B1G1 Herbal Essences or Aussie Product 3/13/2011 SS Insert (exp 4/30/2011)

Price Chopper Money Saving Coupons Thru 4/10/11

Here's the Thursday e-mail coupons for Price Chopper this week, must be BBQ time!  LOL

Click here to print:
Coupon Savings at Price Chopper

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

FREE Yoga/Meditation MP3 Downloads from!

Cool (and FREE!) yoga or meditation music.  :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Coupons for Sale Updated!

Just added the 4/3 P&G insert and the Smart Source HERE.  PM me at, username Shortpants if you see anything you need.  :)

Weekly coupon matchups for all stores COMPLETE!

All weekly coupon matchups for stores I do are complete!

Price Chopper is HERE

Grand Union is HERE

Hannaford is HERE

Market Basket is HERE

and Frys / Bashas is HERE

Happy shopping everyone!  :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

My Grand Union Trip 4/3/11

I've really been enjoying the 5/$19.99 meat deals at GU these past weeks.  I've been picking up my 5 every week (give or take) and have quite the stock in the freezer!  I love the steaks, stew beef and 90% hamburg I can get for much cheaper than I would pay even on sale.  They had a few other good deals this week too, so here's what I got:

Tropicana Pure Premium orange juice - $1.99 X2
$1/2 doubled
final price - $.99 ea

V-8 V-Fusion juice - 2/$5
$1/2 doubled
final price - $1.50 ea

My Price Chopper Trip 4/3/11

Went for my weekly trip on Sunday and just so happened to need some things on the P&G $10 Mastercard WYB $30 so I figured I'd give it a whirl!  LOL  Also used the $5/10 PC products printable, and a couple of the FB coupons, and even an iSave coupon!  Here's the run down:

Jell-O gelatin or pudding 6 pk - $2.99
$1/1 doubled
final price - $.99

Goya canned beans - $1.09 X5
$1/5 doubled
final price - $.69 ea

PC can mushrooms - $.89 X5
PC can green beans - $.59 X5
used the $5/10 PC brands printable
$.50/3 PC green beans iSave q
final price - $.19 ea

Sunday, April 3, 2011

I'mmmmm Baaaaaccckkk...

LOL Well, that didn't take long! I just couldn't stay away! ;) Truth be told, I kinda missed the old blog and have done a little redesign for my self-thrown Welcome Back party! hahaha! The guest of honor is... ME! And the only guest is... ME! ROFL! I have my party hat on, what about you?

As you might have noticed, there's been a bit of a change of setup around here, store deals now each have their own page, I'm selling some coupons, added "Read More" links to my daily posts so it's a little easier to scan through posts now (note: click the "Read More" link to read each post in it's entirety), posting matchups for stores on the other side of the country... just the usual for me! hehe There will probably be some other changes coming down the pike as this place grows and changes, but I'm glad to be back and hope to keep this place hoppin' for all us NE shoppers! :)

So Welcome to all Price Chopper, Grand Union, Hannaford, Market Basket, *ahem* and Fry's and Bashas *ahem* shoppers that happen to stumble upon this place!

The Brown Bagger's Resource - AKA: Do you pack a lunch?

Is this what your lunch looks like every day? Day after day after day? Sick of the same `ol, same `ol? Or do you pick up something quick at the local fast food joint? That can get expensive quick! What about your kids lunches? Do you end up with pre-packaged, processed foods because it's seemingly quick and easy to just throw in a bag? I'm here to tell you it doesn't have to be that way! You can have a great lunch, EVERY day with a little planning, and you can use leftovers from dinners or cook a little extra when you are cooking it for dinner anyways, and have a lunch with more "WOW!!" and less "ugh, not this again." :)

This is a list of recipes I've collected over the years for brown bag lunches, catagorized by ingredient for when you have leftovers, and broken down for quick reference. There is everything from soups, to salads, to hot meals or sandwiches, as well as kid-friendly healthy lunches and even some vegetarian options. I even added my list of breakfast-on-the-go because we all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day!