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Thursday, October 27, 2011

What Stores Double Coupons in Vermont/New Hampshire/New England?

The title of this post is the second most searched for subject that land people at my little home on the Net here at VTCouponer, so I figured I'd put a rundown of the stores I cover and their doubling:

Price Chopper - Policy was changed over the summer that ALL Price Chopper stores now double manufacturer coupons to $.99.  They do not double $1 coupons any longer.

Shaw's - They double up to $.99 here also, manufacturer coupons only.

Hannaford - Does not double any coupons.

Grand Union - I believe GU followed suit with PC and now all stores only double to $.99 and they don't double $1 at any store.  This is the only store that doesn't have a coupon policy posted, so always safest to check with your local store as policy seems to vary from store to store in this chain.

Kinney Drugs, Rite Aid, CVS, Walgreens, Walmart - None of these double coupons.

Hope that helps the folks searching for a store that doubles in Vermont and/or New England!  :)

PS - Quick explanation on "doubling to $.99":  There are two kinds of doubling, here in New England the stores seem to all do what is called a "true double", so a $.50 coupon is doubled to $1, a $.75 coupon is doubled to $1.50, a $.99 coupon (if you ever find one!  LOL) would be doubled to $1.98, but a $1 or higher value coupon is taken at face value, no extra.

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