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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sorry for disappearing for a few weeks... I AM alive! LOL

I don't know if anyone even stops by here anymore since I've been MIA for about 2 months...  LOL  Sorry for falling off the face of the earth for a while, but really a majority of it was out of my control!  ;)

August was a blur anyway, between family gatherings/visits, weddings, birthdays, and the usual summer hoopla, the month just disappeared before my eyes.  It seemed like we had something going on every day.  Then Mother Nature decided to swoop in and change our upcoming plans for about 3 weeks.

We happen to live in one of the towns in the "Vermont 13", the 13 Vermont communities that were completely cut off when Hurricane Irene decided to visit our beautiful state at the end of August.  We were without power, phone, water, and even cell service for a week after the storm.  Top that off with no passable roads in or out of town, in any direction, and you've got the last month of our lives.  We did not leave the one mile of intact road in our town for three weeks.  The road to the North... a 50 ft chasm in the road where a bridge used to be.  The road to the South... simply GONE.  Nine houses in our very small town (population 427) were completely destroyed and countless others damaged.  Thankfully, no lives were lost in our town, and injuries were minimal, so very happy for that fact.

So here we are finally reconnecting to the outside world and getting back to "normal".  HUGE thank you to the state and town officials, road crews, military members, and volunteers that flocked to our aid and proved that Vermonters can do anything they put their mind to!  :)  The reopening of the roads that were completely wiped out within 3 weeks after the storm is nothing short of incredible!  Thank you doesn't even begin to express our gratitude.

So the matchups will be coming regularly again, apologies for the interruption, Irene had other plans for us!  hehe  Glad to be back and glad to finally be able to get to the stores again!  Let's go shopping for deals!  :)


  1. I'm so glad you are back!! I love this site and am glad that your family is OK!!!
    thank you!

  2. Thank you Mindy! Glad to be back :)