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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hannaford 101 and Coupon Policy

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Hannaford Coupon Acceptance Policy
We want our customers to get the best value in our stores and encourage them to utilize coupons to save on their groceries. Unfortunately, because we are seeing an increase in counterfeit coupons, we have found it necessary to institute a coupon acceptance policy.
We do not accept coupons that:
  • Appear to have been photocopied
  • Have expired or are missing an expiration date
  • Do not have a UPC scan bar, or do not scan
  • Have been identified as fraudulent by the manufacturer
Additionally, coupons with high dollar amount discounts off original retail value will be reviewed by store management.
Store management has final discretion in accepting, denying or limiting the use of any coupon presented. Unfortunately, because we are not always able to ascertain which coupons are legitimate and which are not, we will encounter times that our policy might prohibit some customers from redeeming valid coupons. We certainly regret any inconvenience or frustration this causes.
If you have questions about our policy, please contact our Customer Information Center @ 1-800-213-9040.

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