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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Do You Swag? I do! :)

To go along with the previous post about the great deals you can find on things at, did you know you can get Amazon gift cards FREE with SwagBucks?  What's that?  You've never heard of Swagbucks?  Well, let me tell you, easiest way I've ever earned money!  LOL  I was very skeptical at first, they were going to basically pay me to search the internet?  Really?  But I knew many others doing it and giving great reviews, so I figured what the heck, I'd give it a shot.  I'll tell you that I plan to pay for almost all my Christmas shopping this year with... you guessed it... Swagbucks.


Click that pic above and sign up to start saving for your whole Christmas next year!  What you do is use their search engine once in a while (it's basically just like Google or Yahoo or whatever search engine you already use), answer a poll, click through ads, find random codes they release, watch SwagTV, sign up for any offers that appeal to you, print and use coupons, oh jeez, there are a million things you can do to earn SwagBucks.  Then you can "buy" all kinds of things in the SwagStore, from watches to dog sweaters to music to gift cards.  That's the one that caught my eye...

So I had heard other Swaggers talk about funding Christmas with SwagBucks and I always thought they were full of bologna.  I am now eating those words...  LOL  I chose to redeem my SwagBucks on gift cards.  You can get them for many things.  A charitable cause, CVS, PayPal, Amazon, restaurants and stores, you name it.  But I have to say that I have seen all kinds of cool things come up in the SwagStore, from clothes to posters, they have everything!  I am now a SwagBucks believer.

Even if you don't want to fund something that big, if it's just some "fun money" to blow on whatever suits your fancy, that works too.  They have movie downloads, jewelry, electronics and books among a million other things.  Heck, even a gift card to a restaurant for you and that "special someone".  ;)

The other cool thing is earning SwagBucks for things you do anyway.  Like printing and using coupons, searching the internet, and doing any of the offers that interest you.  For example, hubby and I had been chatting about checking out Netflix as we have no TV at our house.  Then I saw an offer that you got a free trial month with Netflix AND 1000 Swagbucks.  Nice, we were considering it anyways, so it worked out perfect, more SwagBucks for me!  hehe

So if it sounds interesting and you want to give it a try, click the link above, or either of the two Swackbucks boxes over there >> on the right hand side of my page.  The bottom one is my "Swidget"  LOL  I just love the names...  My Swidget spits out random codes from time to time as well that will give you bonus SwagBucks.  I know, I know, it really sounds like one of those too-good-to-be-true things.  I won't lie, there is some thought that has to go into it, my worst one is remembering to do the routine things that will get me like 10 Swagbucks a day in 5 minutes and remembering to use their search engine, I really should do that more.  LOL  But I digress...  It isn't totally effortless, but it's pretty darn close once you figure out the basics.  Give it a try, you might just like it!

Next time I post "Do You Swag?"  I want to hear a roaring crowd reply, "I DO!"  :-D

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