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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Shaws Ad and Deals for BOTH 6/3 to 6/9 and 6/10 to 6/16 are up!

Late on this week's ad and deals, but I'll make up for it by posting next week's deals early!  LOL  Head over to the Shaws blog to see not only the ad scan and deals for this week (6/3/11 through 6/9/11), but next week (6/10/11 through 6/16/11) too!

VTCouponer - Shaws

Happy Shopping!


  1. Where do you prefer to shop?
    Market Basket-cheapest deals
    Shaw's-doube coupons?
    Hannaford-better products?

    Wondering where is the best store to focus on??

  2. Sorry! Just seeing your note now! At the moment my main store is Price Chopper, but with a recent policy change, I will be shopping many stores again. I basically go where the deals are, and have been known to hit up to 6 stores in a day, as long as they are in close range and I'm not wasting gas!