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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Price Chopper Coupon Policy Change - as of 6/26/11!!! - Double Coupons in ALL STORES!

Many changes coming to the Price Chopper coupon policy over the next month or so.  Doubling coupons for areas that never doubled before, changes to some of the stores that double now, and a few other policy changes for couponers.  Be sure to take a look at the new policy, effective 6/26/11, to make sure you have the most current info!  Take a gander at the new policy on the PC website, or read my post on the PC blog to get more info:

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  1. Help...I don't understand the new policy. Does this mean that they will not double all our 1.00 coupons? Or just double to 1.98? Also, who else does double in Vermont? Thanks.

  2. Correct, $1 coupons will not be doubled at all by PC anymore. Anything up to $.99 will be a true double, ie: $.50 to $1, $.75 to $1.50, etc. but the $1 coupons will only be worth $1 after July 10.
    The other stores in VT that double are Shaws and Grand Union, Hannaford and Market Basket do not double. Hope that helps! :)