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Friday, January 13, 2012

Price Chopper Ad Scan/Preview 1/15/12 to 1/21/12

NOTE: If you can't see pics of the ad in this post, please go to the repost HEREThank you!

Three cheers for Mr. Shortpants (AKA: Longpants) for grabbing the ad for me last night instead of today! Hip hip hooray! LOL Two dollar doublers in the ad this week, along with lots of bonus coupons (lets hope for stacking!), two gas cats (Campbell's and ConAgra), and the usual assortment of BOGO and 1/2 Price deals. On to the ad! PS: I scanned them this time instead of using my ancient camera, so they should be easier to read.

Matchups are coming, and if I have time I might be able to do a doubler GDA!


  1. maybe its just me and my computer, but I cannot see pictures?

  2. i've had the same issue the last two weeks. i can't see them in your WUC post either.

  3. Really? That's very odd. They show fine for me. Here's the direct link to the gallery where they are hosted:
    Can you view them there? I'd like to get this figured out! Ad previews do no good if you can't see them! :) Thank you for letting me know!

  4. i can't access that page. i'm not a member of WUC so i can't see some of the pages that are restricted to logged in users. perhaps that's the issue if the photos are coming from a page that's not open to the public.

  5. Ahhh, that would be it, I know there were some changes recently (in the last two weeks) to the picture hosting at WUC, but I didn't know about having to be a member to view them! that would explain it! Thank you so much for the heads up! Looks like they will be hosted from someplace else from now on! Thanks again!

  6. Heads up that I just did a repost of the ad with the pics hosted locally so they should be able to be viewed by all! Check the newest PC posts Sorry about that folks! :)