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Monday, January 30, 2012

My Shopping Trip 1/29/12 - Price Chopper

Well, it's been a dog's age since I posted a trip...  :)  Here's this past Sunday's rundown for Price Chopper. I did the Pepsi deal with the Bonus Coupon plus a $2/4 mani q from GU, the BOGO boneless ribs with the $1 off Hannaford coupon, the celery with the FB coupon, the Hellmann's deal (of course, we all know what a Hellmann's fiend I am LOL) with a $1/3, the PC pretzels with the FB coupon, the Knorr sides with two of the $1/3 with my doublers, the Kellogg's cereal with the free Minute Maid with two $1/2, the Eggland's Best eggs with the $.50/1 (got two since they ended up only $.99 ea! I was worried I would get the $.35/1 in my inserts), 1/2 lb of the hard salami on sale this week and used the $2 off from Hannaford, and hubby has been bugging me for some cheese and crackers to go with the pepperoni in the freezer from the last BOGO deal, so I did the Ritz/Cracker Barrel FB coupon too. Then I used the $3 off $40 or more from Hannaford. Final tally was this:

Total before AdvantEdge and Coupons: $138.71
Total items: 38
AdvantEdge savings: $40.28
Coupon Savings: $31.68
Total Savings:  $71.96
Bag credit - $0.15

Final OOP: $66.60

I did grab quite a few other things, only one item I bought didn't have a coupon. LOL Onions. Oh no, TWO items. I noticed they had the RubyKist apple juice for $1 again at my store, so I grabbed one on my way to the register. Love it when I save more than I spend!  :-D


  1. i've been "competitive coupon" shopping at PC with target store coupons, but it had completely slipped my mind to use all those awesome hannaford coupons they've had recently. so thank you for mentioning it your post. i used the $2/deli purchase for the BOGO cheeses they had this week.

    and i just want to add another big thank you for all the match-ups and ad scans you do. when i first got into couponing, i was having a hard time finding my store match-ups online (seems the bigger couponers are all down south or in california). then i found your blog, and have been subscribed to your newsfeed ever since! so, thank you, and please keep up all your hard work!

  2. You are so very welcome! :) I found the same lack of Northern New England matchups when I started couponing two years ago, so I figured I could fill the void since I was doing it for myself anyway. I'm so happy to help out fellow NE residents, we gotta stick together up here in the great white North! Well, not so white this year... LOL Thank YOU for the thank you! :)