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Friday, November 11, 2011

And while we're talking candy...

Is there a favorite candy from your childhood that you would LOVE to have again, but you can't find ANYWHERE?  Then you need to check out Old Time Candy!  I'm telling you, this place has EVERYTHING!  From the 1920's to 1990's, it's the one place you can find all the retro candy your heart could possibly desire.  DH and I were just talking about old candies we never see anymore the other night, I mentioned that I hated those Lik-M-Aid or Lick-N-Stick things, they always tasted like chalk to me, he said he absolutely loved them!  LOL  Well, they have them at Old Time Candy!  Hubby might be getting some in his stocking this year.  :)  What about Pop Rocks or Zotz?  When did you see those last?  They even have the astronaut ice cream and space food sticks from the space craze in the 60's.  I could spend days browsing this store and remembering when...  Take a look, there are some great deals here and incredible gift ideas!

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